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my 2009

Every year when it comes to the end, I will review my year month by month, and that reminds me, awww how great it was to have you in my life. :)

It was the time for me to meet a new gang of friends, and get closer with my old group-mates. helloo group 4 that we once belonged to. Not to forget it was the month for CNY! awww it's time to meet some old friends and get our gathering done. :)

Got myself my very first lappy thanks to big sis who sponsored it. By the time then result was released, and we had a small BBQ gathering at KeLi's house. A fun and crazy night. :)

First time having countdown with a whole bunch of strangers. It was the Earth Hour countdown at Pyramid and I had alot of fun there. Meet some cute new friends, and some of them still remains close with me until now. :)

It was the month when my PeaNut left me forever too. After so long I can finally talk about you without tears flowing. RIP my boy. I gonna miss you, for life.

Presentation for Mal…

Farewell 2009

December 29 today. 2009 is ending in 2 more days.

Met lotsa great people this year, and you guys changed me, alot. College-mates, high school mates, house-mates, cold blood-ians, primary school mates that linked together again, and friend's friends that we eventually made friends. We hanged out together. We worked for surprises together. We sweats together. We studied together. We laughed and cried together. ALTOGETHER.

Having you guys in me life is never a regret, no matter how many arguments we once had. I love you all.

Getting myself prepared to say goodbye to 2009, and welcome to my life, 2010. :)







您的孩子 BaBY

winter solstice

It's the day of solstice. Woah Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Had fun rolling some glutinous rice ball just now, some special one.

Days are getting colder. It's always good to have something warm in hand. So comforting! ^^
可是我 相信爱 我信异想才有日会天开 给你*陈奕迅
First day hanging at home is great. I just love this feeling. Don't have to worry for what to eat later, don't have to worry when should I wash my clothes, and the best is I can sleep my whole evening off on my lovely bed. Ohh this is just so great! ^^

Wanna watched dramas today actually, but lappy disappointed me (this is so sad!). I wonder why, but it goes all the way lag and lag and lag. Ended up watching Gossip Girl again. Felt abit sienz of it. (no offence to any Gossip Girl fans kay!)

Went church with sis just now. It's been quite some times since my last visit to church opps! Actually quite like the feeling of being in church. And I actually being quite naughty there. The church session was done in Mandarin, and I sang the gospel songs in English version while everyone else is singing the Chinese. Haha I just prefer the English version of songs! =P

Went yamcha with dad mommy and sis after church. Came back home to get dad and mom and then back to…

hello kids :)

Came back from a half day trip to suria klcc for petrol science. It is seriously a long tiring day. I've never imagined kids to be this scary. lol

Anyway those kids are cute! Just that they were way too active. I can't tell you how great it feels when the kids get close to you in just a short while. That's awesome! And yes I always do love kids. :)

There was one part where I'll never forget. My kid Sharron (i hope i spelled it right) pass me the photo we took at using the computer when we're leaving Burger King after lunch. That's so sweet! ^^

And oh ya we got a chance to took photos with Santa Claus! Wow Santa Claus is coming... to TOWN!!!!

and i'm actually so in love with christmas back drops (:
我爱的人 爱我的人 那个故事 叫 我们





不止生日要快乐 不是特别日子的日子里,我们更要为自己微笑 活着,就是要快乐 不为谁,就为自己

am a blessed kid, always do

time is like a river you cannot touch the same water twice. because the flow that has passed, will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of life.....
My one-day exam is over I should be yelling "hurray!!!" for it, but I dare not. I'm not sure what the out come will be, or I should say I dare not to be that certain anymore. Failures do teach us alot of things.

Anyway forget about those annoying stuffs. BaBY officially turning 19 today!
Thanks to Vinnie Leng and Sasa who countdown with me via MSN, thanks to Keyy who called me two hours in advance so that my phone won't be that jammed, thanks to those who countdown with me in Facebook, and thanks to those who sms me just-in-time when the clock stroke 12 midnight.

thanks dudes! ^^


Introducing our focus for today, Shilin Taiwan Snacks. For food lovers like me, Taiwan has always been a dream land for us as there was lotsa snacks and yummy food available, not forgetting the famous Taiwan Night Market. Imagine the whole streets with different snacks, the scent, the noise, the crowds, the night view.......

Shilin was a very famous night market at Taiwan, and thus this stall here was selling some best sell items there too. Snacks available here are the fried fish cakes, oyster mee sua, chicken floss in egg skin, and for sure the BIG XX CRISPY CHICKEN CHOP!!!

If you're wondering how are you going to get your stomach full without rice, this gonna be your good choice. White rice sprinkle with some soy sauce, topped with the Big XX Crispy Chicken Chop, together with some tofu and preserved egg and spring onion. The chicken chop was stained with pepper salt. Quite salty actually, and brings a little scent of herbs. Oh ya FYI the ricebox is of a veryyyy big set!!…
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to VINNIE happy birthday to you
Exams are in one week time for you, and I wish everything the best for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR. (:

Hello December, Hello Winter

IT IS DECEMBER!!! Friend shouted at me like this moments ago, and I was like, okay what's the big deal about it??

Well I guess there's some big deal. Quite a number of us are December babies (me too!!!) and not to forget, STPM gonna ends in December. Hmm sounds good ain't it?