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tic toc tic toc till the end

2010 heading to the end. gonna say byebye in less than 48 hours.
currently enjoying life back at home. no tall buildings. no hot sun. the only thing available here is love. lots and lots of lovesssss :)
had you done your review for the year? yes i did mine, a pretty simple one. i grew up, grew fatter, and i'm happy. well that's the thing that matters most in the end ain't it?
I AM HAPPY. it tells everything :)

and she turns 20 :)

the clock stroke 615pm on dec 14th, and that marked the end of my finals, the beginning of celebration :)
was lepaking at financial counter with ah may and jonc while waiting for nick to come from work, and got a much surprising call by ying wei saying he's coming for the dinner too. not long after that, the both of them shown up at financial counter, with a slice of cake from secret recipe bought by nick. thanks dudes! believe it or not, that's the only slice of cake i had (minus jogoya's buffet. that one not counted!) LOL dam sad :p
headed to cristang at pj state for dinner. nick's treat. of course my portion only :p finally had my crave for cristang satisfied after 891723879571. super nice meal indeed like like!! :D
mah dinner!

#teampork at cristang! :D

went madeline's house for some chilling session after dinner. finally had a few rounds of playing monopoly deal without guilts ahh it was so good! and the guys were busy FIFA-ing. was a great way to release stress aft…
found this in pasar malam. brings back memory dohh! :)