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craving for club sandwich at odd hours while drinking coffee.

oh and please, i'm not stress. i'm just, errr, in the progress to turn into a great person.
quote alice in the wonderland "all great people are mad".

yes i'm mad. booyah.
once, there was a man, so poor that he prayed to God everyday for a lottery. he walked 2 hours back and forth to the church everyday, just for the prayers.

"God, oh God, please win me a lottery, please please please."

one day, as he was saying his prayers, the statue came to live and talked to him.

"oh please please please, get a ticket!"

true, isn't it. i'm gonna continue working on my ticket now. buuu :)
是不是真的把自己想得太重要了 我甚至希望你会问我为什么连个招呼都没打就走了
而不是 我不在了 你都没发现

一个世界 数千万计的人口 这个地方 我们相遇 下个地方 我们分离

上帝让我们在茫茫人海中看见对方 微笑 靠近 握手 拥抱 然后退一步 分离
一幕幕不一样的背景 不一样的演员 重复的桥段 乐此不疲的 一遍 再一遍

每一次的分离 心中都难免惆怅 迷惘

我离开了 你会记得我么
我离开了 你会难过么
我离开了 以后还会再见么

其实 说了再见 就真的会再见么
再次相见的我们 又应该用什么样的心态 微笑 握手 拥抱
been thinking alot lately. of studies, of relationship, of life, of present, of future.
i don't like it when it comes to this, standing at the cross-road, wondering which way to go. 3.5 years of college life had come to an end. the moment i been looking forward since i stepped into the college gate, yet i feel the uncertainties of future. like seriously, what is future?
it is not just about the challenging work life, all those late nights that i'm afraid of. what scares me more is, what am i going to leave behind the moment i step into that game? all these people around me now, so close, yet so far. how many of us will keep in touch? how many of us will turn into hi-bye, or even strangers?
all these years of life education i had, i learnt that no fate last forever. everything had a starting point, and there's a finishing line awaiting. forever is a vague term. it could be ten years, ten months, ten days, or even ten seconds. the moment one party stop the effort, that is, th…

OBU no more!

finally one item off the shoulder. can't describe how great that feeling is. well the presentation part was a total mess, but who cares. it is all over now. what left is the submission part, only, i think.

anyway, going home tomorrow, finally! i miss everything back there. last stay at home till final is over! please please stay focus. we gotta make it through!

God bless. amen :)