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i dreamt i was missing

tell me what's wrong with me. tell me.
had a really weird dream this morning after switching off my alarm and threw myself back to bed. i was running, again. wasn't aware of my destination, but i know i can't stop. it feels like someone is chasing me from behind. someone, or something.
i remember hiding under the table when someone came near. i remember running down the stairs and ended up in a corridor, with doors. i remember steps approached me from behind and i ran into one of the doors.
there were two guys inside, jamming. don't ask me how it linked. i don't know, but they eventually helped me out of that building, and we started running again, from three of us, to two, and in the end, leaving me alone, still running.
a never ending run, till i finally wake up, with tears on my pillow.
nerdy enough for the coming finals? let's have some boost :D
that was what i thought, the same day, three years ago.
if a frown is shown then i will know that you are no dreamer