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the beginning of a new life chapter :)

taken during gor's convo, oct 15, 2011.
so that's it, the end of one life chapter, the beginning of the next. of all sudden, we're not the kid we were yesterday, anymore.
if i were to be more serious about my studies than i am now, it would had been my graduation, on the same day, too. how time flies, right? remember how we used to look up at seniors and wonder how it feels like, to be like them. mature and cool. oh well. now i'm here, final sem, so call senior, and i still think i ain't anywhere near them, yet. not when i still have junior who calls me junior. lol
self-declare today as "do-anything-fun-except-acca-studies-day" since mock was over. 40 days to finals. so let's play, before today is over. :)
i'm sitting on the chair, waiting. nobody cares what am i thinking. in fact, nobody noticed my presence. i wore a skirt, pale pastel color that blends me into the wall. quietly, patiently, i'm waiting.

i stare at the busy crowd walking pass. oh, the boss is on his phone with the client. oh, the kid is rushing for tuition. oh, that lady is late for meeting. oh, that man is chasing the bus that departed half a minute ago. and oh, you rush over, apologize for being late, and order two coffees when the waitress drop by, without asking me.

that's your life. well planned, focus, efficient, express. you named it "a battle for life". always rushing, always competing. you step on people to climb up, and you're proud of your achievement. "that's how life ought to be. the strong ones stay, and the weak ones, either killed, or left." you told me that, while flashing on your luxury phone to my face, busy replying message.

i'm not that weak to be a prey, nei…
家里的天空 就算有点乌云 也还是最美的

给我家男人打了通电话 不为什么 单纯撒娇
再给我家女人打了通电话 不为什么 单纯炫耀

哇 还真的 很像本小姐的作风 纯粹无聊

爸 妈 你家刁蛮女 想家 想你们了 :)


我喜欢这种 不近 不远 的距离
不太近 我们之间就不会有压迫感
不太远 至少我知道 你 一直都会在
这样 不近 不远 刚刚好 :)

smurfie smurf! ♥

say hi to smurfie! someone i found towards the end of my college life, that shares most of my personalities, except that she's more HIGH PROFILE.

smurf smurf, low profile abit la, okay? :p

coffee talk #4

天天对着你念"咖啡喝多了对身体不好" 然后天天陪你喝咖啡 :)
the beautiful flower says, "i'm worthy of you".

oh hi amazing people, september is over. time to wake up. :)