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hey now! by dave barnes

i love a lady she lives down by the seashore
i love a lady she lives down by the bay
i love a lady she lives down by the seashore
i love a lady she won't tell me her name

i say hey now, why won't you tell me
i say hey now, what would i do
i say hey now, why won't you tell me
hey now, what do i do

loop my youtube list with this song and been playing it ever since. the kind of musics that always catch my ears. loves!

when the world says "give up!"

hope whispers "try it one more time" :)

for the countless time when i decided that i've had enough and finally give up waiting, hoping, you'll always be there, offering a warm embrace, saying words of encouragement and pick me up again.

 thank you for having the confidence in me, even when i myself doubt so. now it is my turn to do you proud.

tonight, we are young

"it's time to remove everything unessential in your life. pairing down to essentials frees up energy and brings simplicity that are necessary for happiness."

how does one knows what is essential and what isn't? i guess there is never a definition that fits.

so when dad said i can chill on the 'getting a job' part and focus on my studies for the time being, that makes it "not so essential" at this moment i suppose? ahhh that sounds like a pass card to buy more time for holidays ;)

anyhow, talking bout final, two weeks left! we gonna nail this, yes we can!

so let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter, than the sun :)

when everything else falls

how often than not, you feel like everything around you is falling. nothing seems to be right. the sky breaks, the light dims, and you feel nothing but coldness.

when the challenges approach and hit you with a BANG and you start falling of the cliff, how many hands reached out for you? how many risk themselves all the dangers yet rush over to pick you up? closer to reality, how many call right back when you send out a text breaking a bad news with monotone?

distance might change a lot of things, but should there be one it fails to, it has to be us. "there is no #foreveralone in our dictionary cuz we'll always have each other", i'll always remember that.

i sit in a coffee house by the rail station, savoring my cuppa, reading all the text received. i look up, i see a rainbow smiling to me, just like you always do. happy 520 love!

accepting the true-self

"a child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires." - Paulo Coelho.

this proves to be really right after my current stay with baby. the way she cries when she refuses to go for shower, the way she laughs when we play, the way she runs over when we take out her biscuits, the way she smiles and nods her head, and the way she is constantly into something, be it her toys, some books, or our mobile phones. this left me thinking, i was once her. i laughed and cried like she does, and what makes me different now? for what reasons are we hiding our nature self? the thoughts of realisation go ahhhhhh and i start smiling again, just like how she is smiling at me now.

as we grow up, we learn to hide our feelings. to be strong, tough, and independent. we hide the tears as it is a symbol of weakness. we cover up the scars we had with the smiling mask. we fake a smile ev…