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boyce avenue ♥

i always find acoustic to be real cool, yes as cool as my favourite blue jazz. and this band, they sing real cool acoustic version of the songs. me loves :)
over these few weeks, there's these 3 alphabets that i'd been saying all time long.yeah 3 alphabets, end with U, and nope not i ♥ u. it is all about, umm, obu.

sigh. time to continue working. with loves, from home :)
a friend is one who rushes his way to you when something bad came up, gives you a huge punch when you claim you were okay, hugs you so tight afterward that you can barely breathe, and tell you sometimes it is okay to not be okay. thanks for the coffee, anyway :)
i knew it the day i came out from the hall. yeah i knew how and where exactly i screwed up. i was just hoping that i could be lucky enough to hit it on the dot, oh well. was really calm when i saw the result, though i expect a better score for my corporate reporting. failing itself didn't hit me that hard, cuz i knew what i'd done. what's hard for me is to tell you myself, that i failed you. i'm sorry to let you down papi and mami. it was really hard for me to make that call, trying hard to fight my tears and speak in my normal tone.
it is an alarm to myself. i know. our big daddy above have some plan for me. ain't a punishment, cuz i earned this myself. no more playing hard hmm. it's more about study har…

seafood dinner with cousins!

went for an awesome epic sinful seafood dinner with cousins and their other half. dai lou with ah sou, pey gor with pris, hong gor with amanda, and i was alone. lol. oh wait, i'm everyone's partner :p
took a train to kl sentral cuz hong gor was working today. and according to him, that's how i had to work my way to my dinner lol! funnehh cousin! :p anyway i had him to pick me up at sooka sentral and then head down to cheras to pick amanda, and off we go to pj pantai seafood, the place where the sinful dinner took place.
so let's have a quick review on the menu, nope no photos available cuz i was busy eating. maybe i shall wait for cousin to upload some instead cuz he brought his dslr over. anyway, we had FRESH RAW OYSTERS served as the first dish, with LALA SOUP coming up next, followed by SPRING ONION OSTRICH, "ZUK TAN" WITH GARLIC SAUCE, VEGE, CHEESE BAKED OYSTER, STEAMED PRAWNS with egg, CRAB WITH SALTED EGGS, STEAMED FISH, PEPPER SALT SQUID, and CRAB WITH …
your last sentence of "see you tomorrow" before we bid goodnight to each other makes me looking forward to the next day. it needs not be too complicated to make one happy, no?

my turn to take the initiative and say hi tomorrow, maybe. loves :)
things will only get better when time goes on. a lil change everyday. a lil improvement everyday. oh well. i hope it goes on, till then :)
thanks for the ride today, if you see this. :) anyway, homie home, i'm home. loves

teh-O + lime?!

off day today since my tests are all over. went lunch with a friend, and that literally made my day, a day filled with laughs.
"wth look at the name of the drink. TEH-O + LIME?! what is that man?!"
"dude, it is teh-O ais limau." -.-
imagined how long i laughed over this hahaha! sorry dude, i just have to post this up :p
oh ya, kc dropped by after work today, and we went dinner together. brought him to the beef noodles teehee! but i missed the correct junction. kc was like "next time don't say you bringing me to what nice place etc. just say we gotta find that place together, cuz you always lead me to the wrong direction." lols okay i admit i sucks at direction hahah!
anyway awesome dinner i had! tho my appetite doesn't really improve and i didn't finish even half of my noodles. oh ya, got some extra allowance from him too heee cuz i was ranting how poor and broke i am currently haha! thanks gor gor! i love you :D
half day class tomorrow! and planni…

i emo you!

emo #1 "sad, i missed the world vision's 30-hour famine camp again :("
"oh, i thought you been doing that all the time?!"
look how sarcastic my friend is. eh hello? i just don't eat much at one time okay! and i simply don't like eating alone. that's just, pathetic. now stop staring at me as though i'm a freak who don't need food. dohhh
emo #2 i still yet to watch captain america! darling went watching with the boyf last week without me sobness how can you do this to me. i want a date to watch it with me la :(
emo #3 fat told me she went genting again, makan angin, literally. too much right! :(
emo #4 audit test tomorrow. yes test, again. :(
a simple hi made me smile the whole day, when it comes from you.
be braver, and hope for a star, shall we? :)

second chance?

i read this in an article before. people do make mistake. you and i. we all did. learn to forgive, cuz most of the time, people deserve a second chance. i tried my best for it, most of the time. but not this time, not anymore.
my roommate, the one i been pissing off with always. she has this habit of locking the door all the time, although we been telling her to not do so cuz we don't bring our key inside the house. like seriously who goes to toilet or go shower with your key when you are inside your own house?
i remember the first incident. it wasn't the first time she locked me out, but the first time she locked and went out from the house. cool. lucky enough that Tiffany was there, so i borrowed her phone to call her to come back and open the door. imagine she came back and open the door after like quarter of an hour and there's no sign of sorry in her face. i was really pissed.
had a conversation with her after that to remind her to check around before locking the door,…