Cousins, now and then

I remembered those days when we were younger, hooping around the mango tree and ski-ed down the slope like there is no tomorrow. We'd run down the bricks that barely form the steps and speed over the one-wood plank that cross the water stream. Those steps came so natural to us we didn't even bothered to stop to look at 'em closely and just hooped by.

That mango tree was long gone by now. Neither was the coconut tree that hover around and threaten to hit anyone who went beneath. The slope is replaced by a well constructed spiral stairs now. Gone were that stream that run beneath the wood.

Gone were those days when we were children and nothing bothered us more that playing dates and hide and seeks.

Before we got to catch up with all those lost time, we are suddenly adults, sitting on the same couch that we used to duck in when we were kids, talking bout career, and where to venture in, who is dating who, and more.

Who knows what lies further ahead. Just the thought of it excites me.


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